Well, here we are at the end of yet another year. Man does time fly as you get older! With the holidays upon us and boys and girls of all ages making their lists and checking them twice, here’s my 2017 Holiday Wishlist in the World of Sports:
CHICAGO CUBS FANS: yeah, I think they’ll be good for awhile!
CLEVELAND INDIANS FANS: that feeling of relief and elation that most of Chicago land is feeling right now!
CLEVELAND BROWNS FANS: a win or two (or six?), a franchise quarterback and a stud wide receiver to pair with Tyrelle Pryor; not necessarily in that order
CLEVELAND CAVALIER FANS: a shot to beat-up on the Golden State Warriors again after they added Kevin Durant to their lethal line-up
TOM BRADY: see Fans, Chicago Cubs (after all he’ll go down as one of the NFL’s greatest QB’s AND married to a Brazilian super-model, I mean, who has it better than him?)
ROB GRONKOWSKI: after an off season that included the Gronk Party Ship, can The Gronk chain of fist-pumping, booty shaking nightclubs be far behind?
NJ’S OWN LAURIE HERNANDEZ: see Fans, Chicago Cubs (a gold and silver medalist AND winner of Dancing With the Stars in the same year!)
ANDREW LUCK: a dramatic improvement to his offensive line and the best medical insurance money can buy or else his career will be short lived
ROGER GODDELL & THE STUFFED SUITS INSIDE THE “NO FUN LEAGUE”: that the Oakland Raiders do NOT move to Las Vegas; can you imagine the daily panic inside NFL Headquarters knowing NFL players are running amock in Sin City during the season?
AARON RODGERS: that the folks at State Farm Insurance give him a better bunch of commericals to be in next year; this year’s crop is awful!
THE CITY OF LAS VEGAS: well the Oakland Raiders of course! The NFL’s rebellious franchise is a perfect match for everything that is Las Vegas!
PEYTON MANNING: see Fans, Chicago Cubs (full retirement, millions in the bank, great personality AND all the pizza he can eat?!?; yeah only Tom Brady has it better than him!)
ELI MANNING: a chance to play in the Super Bowl at least one more time with the greatest offensive play-maker that our city has ever seen in Odell Beckham Jr.
NY GIANTS OWNERSHIP: patience; you know Mr. Beckham Jr. will be coming hard and furious for that new mega-contract after this season, especially if he leads them back to the playoffs!
NY GIANTS FANS: a deep-run into the playoffs in January and maybe knocking off the Dallas Cowboys there once again?
NY JETS FANS: ANY quarterback under center next season not named Fitzpatrick or G. Smith; maybe T. Romo????
NY JETS: that the inevitable retirement of Brady, Tom above happens sooner rather then later!
NY JETS FANS PART 2: that QB Ryan Fitzpatrick takes the $12 million that he stole from the Jets and puts it to good use with that Ivy League education of his
NY YANKEE FANS: that the youth movement that started this past season continues in 2017 and, dare say it, makes the team contenders in 2018
NY YANKEES: finding effective starting pitching and a designated hitter with POP
NY METS: the healthy return of their injured starting pitchers and to challenge the Chicago Cubs for the NL pennant
NY METS FANS: the return to playoff baseball and the World Series because man did that feel good in 2015!
NYC-AREA BASEBALL FANS: another Subway Series in 2018? 2019?
NY KNICKS: that Phil Jackson and his antiquated triangle offense return to the Left Coast for good! Maybe a new home for Carmelo Anthony???
BROOKYN NETS: that their fan-base appreciates that the right team is now running the organization and maybe trading Brook Lopez will return a first round draft pick that’s sorely missing
NYC-AREA BASKETBALL FANS: a Brooklyn Bridge/Mass Transit playoff series for inner-city bragging rights!
SETON HALL MEN’S BASKETBALL: a return to the Big Dance and this time NOT playing a senior-laden powerhouse in the thin air of Denver!
ST. JOHN’S MEN’S BASKETBALL: steady improvement with their young team learning Red Storm legend Chris Mullin’s system
NYC-AREA COLLEGE BASKETBALL FANS: Seton Hall versus St. John’s for the Big East Tournament Championship; the newly renovated Madison Square Garden will be rocking louder than an AC/DC concert!
NY COSMOS: that their legendary soccer team increases their local visibility and media coverage, after all they are now NASL Champions two years running!
NJ DEVILS FANS: back to the playoffs and relevance in the tri-state area again!
NY ISLANDERS FANS: to FINALLY be more relevant than their arch-rival NY Rangers
NY RANGERS FANS: a deep run into the playoffs and to continue to snark at Islander and Devil fans!

Happy Holidays to one and all! May your sports wishes come true in 2017!!!

Bobby is the President of the I-95 Sports & Entertainment Network based in Northern New Jersey ( Follow him on Twitter: @bobbyblackjack or @i95sportsnet today!

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