The future is now

The future is now

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The future is now. We are at the front edge of an amazing revolution. The electric car is finally here. And
it’s very exciting. The two things that kept us from driving great all electric cars was battery power. Now the cars can drive for 200-300 miles and they have more power than you can believe. More and more car companies are jumping on board and the technology is improving daily. For example, the top end Tesla X SUV can drive over 300 miles on a charge and has 760 Horsepower. 760! How insane is that? I recently bought the middle range Tesla X.

I have never been in a car like it. I will never buy a gasoline engine car again. The car is astonishing. And it’s gorgeous. Many people have told me they are going to go electric, after just a short time in the passenger seat.

And it’s not just Tesla, other car companies are coming out with their own models. The Volkswagen Van is in our near future and it has an estimated range of 300 miles. It’s pretty cool looking too.

Many car companies are getting on board and the oil companies are shitting in their pants. Wouldn’t you be? Ha Ha! Fuck them!

There a so many benefits to electric cars and they are starting to outweigh the downsides. Certainly they run green, they have ZERO emissions. Now, granted, they need to be charged by electricity and that often takes the burning of a fossil fuel. But as solar and wind power advance, this problem too will decline.

They are super quiet and the technologies are wild. The dashboard screen with all the bells and whistles—phenomenal. Also, these cars have many fewer breakable parts. For example, my car has no clutch, no transmission, no radiator, no drive shaft, you get the idea. And I just found out I have almost instant heat, I don’t have to wait for the radiator fluid to heat up. I had full heat in about 30 seconds. An awesome benefit.

My absolute favorite benefit: we can shrink our dependence on foreign oil, it will be a huge win for all of us. It infuriates me that we have to buy oil from the middle east, just so they can turn around and use those profits to harm us.
In a short time, Tesla is going to come out with a smaller, four door sedan that is similar to the Maxima or Camry, except it’s far better looking. It’s going to be about $35,000. After you get back the government rebate and you factor in the price of gas verses electricity, the actual price comes way down over the life of the car. When an average working family can afford one or two, the world is going to stand up and take notice.

There is going to come a time when you have two or three electric cars in your household, a solar array on your roof and you are driving for free. I took a trip to Verona, New York this week. Almost 550 miles round trip. I stopped twice at a Tesla Supercharger to “fill up”. It was free. That’s right, If I want to, I can drive to California and back for free. FREE!!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has made all his patents available to the world, who does that? This guy really cares about the betterment of our future. Basically, he is a hero of mine. Truly, the sky is the limit.

Does this picture give you
douche chills? It should.

This Month was an easy choice for ASSHOLE OF THE MONTH. Mike Pence is a shoo-in for the honor. That he chose to be Trump’s shit slurping lapdog should be enough. But I’ll be more specific.

This is what his positions are:
By the way, he is bought and paid for by three of the biggest scumbag groups in America. Big Oil, Big Tobacco and The NRA. He is anti-abortion, anti-condom, anti-gay, anti-LGBT, anti-whistleblower protection, a climate change denier, does not believe in evolution, anti-stem cell, anti-planned parenthood, for The Patriot Act, anti-campaign finance reform and wants to build the wall. I could continue but you get the point. Let me simplify, if you are so fucking stupid that you don’t believe in evolution, you shouldn’t be in charge of a hot dog wagon. You should look up his policies and try not to be scared for the future.


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