Cutting turns up at Stratton Mountain

Cutting turns up at Stratton Mountain


I recall cutting turns up at Stratton Mountain last year and meeting a few folks on a gondola who were raving about their skiing/riding apps. Those apps could tell them their fastest runs of the day, where their friends were on the mountain, how many miles they skied or boarded and stats of other skiers and riders for the sake of comparison. I found this technology amazing but was a bit bummed that you had to wait until you were on the gondola to experience it. Apparently 50% of surveyed skiers/boarders want to know their key stats and 70% of those surveyed want to be able to connect with their friends without phones as losing track of friends is very common on the mountain. As a result, all of that has thankfully changed now…

Enter GogglePal, a brand new technology that will work with literally every single goggle out there thanks to their patented Universal Mount technology. Touted as “The world’s first universally mountable, augmented reality heads-up display for snowsports” GogglePal does what those aforementioned apps do but also MUCH more. (Click to get a video preview.)

This device indeed does help you track your stats and connect with friends but it also allows you a brand new immersion into augmented reality technology, meaning you can keep track of all sorts of data, like speed, vertical, calories burned, acceleration, time and direction, and see it all in real time. Even better, you can challenge your friends, create on-mountain treasure hunts, and track your improvement over the season. It’s your altimeter, GPS, trail map and more; and you don’t have to take off your gloves to use it.

As I mentioned, it’s compatible with any pair of existing snow goggles, giving you the flexibility of goggle choice and naturally bringing down the unit price compared to other players in the market ($100 vs $1000)

This effort to bring augmented reality to a mass audience seems brilliant although I am somewhat concerned about distracted skiing and riding. It’s bad enough on the roadways of America these days with everyone paying more attention to their heads-up displays and cellphones than the actual traffic around them. So I guess when I get the unit to test I can confirm or deny those ideas. Please stay tuned for that…

In the mean time, a couple basic facts about the device are:

It consists of two discrete parts: a magnetically mounted display that sits in the goggle lens with a controller pod that mounts to the strap. The small and lightweight GogglePal magnetically attaches to the lower corner of a user’s goggle lens. When used alone, the AR-HUD device will track basic on-mountain stats. When paired with the GogglePal mobile app, you’ll instantly add a whole new dimension to your adventures.

The GogglePal app builds an exclusive community for skiers/boarders and organizes users information for easy viewing and sharing of their stats so people can track their improvement over the course of a day or season. The app also allows friends to challenge one another and share their supreme mountain skills with the outside world.

GogglePal starts from $145, and more sophisticated versions are priced at $225 and $325 to include the navigation, social and gaming element Treasure Hunt.

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