Best Of Condoms

Best Of Condoms


Whether it be to avoid and unplanned pregnancy, or protect against STD’s, you must protect yourself at all costs. Picking out condoms can be a fun, yet overwhelming experience. With so many different kinds on the market, how do you choose the “best one”? I’ve done my research and found what I think to be some of the best ones, whether it comes to brand or type I’ve got it covered.

Night Light glow in the dark—
this particular condom is the only FDA approved glow-in-the-dark condom there is. The Night Light condom is non-toxic and will glow after about 30 seconds of exposure to ordinary light. This condom makes for a fun surprise.

Many condom brands have great flavors, which include mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and even cola. These condoms are meant to add a yummy twist to oral sex, and many of the brands are also FDA approved for strength and protection.

These condoms are shaped and textured to increase pleasure for either the female, male or both partners. Depending on where the raised studs and ribbed areas are. Some of these condoms have textured areas on the top and at the base, which adds stimulation in just the right places.

Warming condoms—
These condoms tend to be made of thinner latex, which helps to heighten sensation. Warming condoms are designed to enhance sensual pleasure through the release of gentle, warm sensations for both partners.

Edible condoms—
There are different brands of edible condoms that you can choose and are available in a variety of flavors. The condom is rolled on, and then can be eaten off! Edible condoms are for novelty use only!

Pleasure shaped—
These condoms is that they tend to be looser with enlarged, pouch-like tips. These wider tops allow for more friction because the extra latex stimulates the nerve endings at the tip of the penis. heightens sensitivity for both.

Last but not least are the Trojan Bareskin condoms. Trojan’s thinnest latex condom ever. Almost half as thin than other standard latex condoms. Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. You can also feel super secure that these condoms are reliable, since Trojan unlike other brands electronically test each condom to help ensure reliability.

If your not one to be out shopping around to get your hands on some of these condoms, you can find most, if not all of these condoms on Tis the day of the internet.

Remember always be safe, and of course have fun !!!


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Best of Condoms: I must always encourage safe sex

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