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Johnny Depp has gone from Hollywood hotty to paunchy and puffy-faced wacko. What the hell happened?

Johnny Depp’s, 53, changing appearance and erratic behavior since meeting his now ex wife Amanda Heard, 30, has been hard to ignore. Once the heartthrob to millions, Depp has morphed into a middle aged, hard drinking maniac….and not the good kind.


n August Depp and Heard reached a $7m settlement in their bitter and very public divorce battle (she claims she is donating it all to charity) that included claims of physical abuse and infidelity.
In recent weeks the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor was seen for the first time since his divorce from his Rum Diary co-star was finalized. The father-of-two was spotted climbing aboard a four-level, $200m mega yacht owned by Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz in Ibiza, Spain, where the movie star has been residing for the past several weeks.
In May Heard had accused Depp of battery and even supplied photos of her bruised face. The stunning B list turned A list actress alleged in her court filing that an ‘inebriated and high’ Depp had grabbed her cellphone, ‘wound up his arm like a baseball pitcher and threw the cell phone at me striking my cheek and eye with great force’ during a dispute.
She stated in the filing that Depp continued to attack her even after throwing the phone, claiming: ‘He then forcibly pulled back my hair as I attempted to stand up from the sofa. Johnny continued screaming at me, pulling my hair, striking me and violently grabbing my face.’


Say it ain’t so? Unfortunately for Johnny, thanks to Heard’s cell video skills, we all know it is sadly true. So what’s going on?

Back in February, Johnny performed at the Grammys with his band The Hollywood Vampires and the movie star indeed looked something of a fright.
The Hollywood leading man with legions of female fans looked as old as his rocker sidekicks Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, who are both more than a decade older than him.
The actor appeared rumpled in jeans that were too long and a vest that was a little too tight as he posed for photos on the red carpet with disheveled hair.

At a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival, Johnny looked somewhat bloated. Noticing the star’s new look, a blogger noted at the time: ‘The actor’s face, chiseled just a few months ago, had swelled into a puffy oval, and the rest of his body looked as if it had gotten just as round. His hair appeared greasier than usual, and topping off his look, one of his teeth was red for some mysterious reason. A stain? A stray piece of cranberry? Some sort of pirate thing? We have no idea.’
Social media users echoed those same words and noted that the star looked more fuller figured than he has done in the past. Many asked ‘what has happened to Johnny Depp?’

In the September issue of MN magazine, I’d like to share my experience having lunch with Johnny Depp several years ago in Manhattan’s Avenue A Sushi restaurant where he displayed early signs of losing it. We talked about his temper tantrums and his lose of privacy and some of the things that pissed him off. At the time I thought he was a nice guy, but could see the storm clouds brewing. Here’s a look back at that interview.

Rumor has it you’re terrified of clowns. Clowns, Johnny?
Yeah, clowns have always frightened me.

I think it might be related to what I think is interesting about acting and human behavior: the fact that nothing is ever what it seems. What’s happening on the surface doesn’t necessarily represent what is going on underneath the surface. There’s this whole story that a clown with a painted smile is in fact underneath a sad and tragic figure.

Considering your fame, good looks and fortune… do you see yourself as that tragic figure sometimes? In other words, is your life not always as it seems?
My life is most definitely not always as it seems. That’s for sure. Being a movie actor or whatever I am is a very privileged position, certainly. But there are some things that I will call occupational hazards that are at times unpleasant and you wonder if it’s worth it all. Because you have been sold in a sense and have given away a portion of your life that you may not ever be able to retrieve.
What is it you lost specifically?
My private life. Some of it has gone away.

In what way have you felt you’ve lost your privacy?
When you’re walking down the street and the tabloids attack you and write horrible fictional stories about you, which sometimes are also very, very funny. And if it’s not that, then the paparazzi stalks you. I mean, like I said, I know it’s a privileged position that I’m in but it does get old after a while. Because you know what? I’m not an entertainer. I’m an actor. And acting isn’t the entertainment. It’s the film that’s the entertainment. I’m really not an entertainer and I don’t want to be looked down on or thought of as a novelty. I’m not a toy.

A few years ago I recall U.S. soldiers landed in Granada and that same night you were arrested for tearing apart a hotel room in New York City. However, the next day on the cover of the New York Post they had you as the cover story. Did that surprise you?
That to me was so funny! It’s one of the covers of any magazine or newspaper that I’ve ever been on that I’m most proud of! If I recall, we were on the verge of going into some country to fight. And there I was on the cover of the New York Post. They had me over an invasion of Granada.

Do you remember actually what happened in the hotel?
I think it was all because I assaulted a piece of furniture.

What was your first reaction to the cover story on you in the Post while our country went to war?
I fell over laughing! I mean, how can you not? I just stood there and laughed.

Do you find the press hounds you more here in the States than in Europe?
No, it’s pretty bad everywhere. There’s some tabloids over in Europe that are really nasty. They’re very aggressive. But it’s like that everywhere. Doesn’t matter where you go, the beast will always appear.

Do you ever wish you could be anybody but Johnny Depp?
Yeah, there are times when you say, “Jesus Christ, I don’t want to be Johnny Depp today.” I want to be Johnny Depp, the person that I really am. Not Johnny Depp, some kind of product. Look at Lon Chaney, who was one of the great character actors of all time. Which is what I aspire to be; I want to be a character actor. I’d like to do character parts, which is what I’ve been doing for a while now. Lon Chaney was one of my heroes. He wasn’t bagged by some guy trying to get a photograph of him trying to take leak.
You say you choose to pursue character roles rather than leading man roles. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it pay much less to be a character actor rather than a leading man?
[Laughs] Let’s just say I have a very creative accountant!

Tim Burton once wrote a poem about you, called “Johhny Depp.” The poem reads in such a way that one might think you’re very uncomfortable being who you are. Do you ever wish you could be ugly just for one day to know what it’s like?
I think you hit it right on the head right there. I never thought of myself as a particularly good looking person. I just never did. What other people feel or say or think, it’s not me. We all wake up in the morning and we shave and brush our teeth. And we have to look at that image in the mirror and see it every day. So I’m used to this thing… this face. So I’m not particularly satisfied with it.

How’s the Viper Room doing these days?
Really good! We redid it and made it all pretty and beautiful inside. Now it’s nice to look at as well as nice to be there.
How are you enjoying the experience of raising a daughter?
I spend every second I have with her. She’s amazing. I’m just so happy. I walk off the ground now. I just float across the floor.

What’s your daughter’s name?
Lily-Rose Melody. She’s a great kid.

What’s the current status of your band, “P”?
Everybody is off doing their own thing but we’re talking about doing another record in the next year or so.

Finally, how would you like Hollywood to remember you?
[Laughs] He was very incredibly rich and he left a lot of money to his daughter!

Interview by: Chaunce Hayden

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