When you loose it

When you loose it


Losing your virginity to someone and staying with that person forever seems like an impossible feat, but for some people, it is true life. They meet someone in high school, it is there first relationship, they fall in love and stay together forever. How is this possible? Aren’t you supposed to experiment at least a little bit, or have different lovers to see what you like or dislike? Do you really have anything to compare true love with, if you have only experienced life with one person or is it necessary to experience other things?

Don’t get me wrong, I think monogamy and being with one person is a beautiful thing. As much as I believe it that, that was after many years of being in different relationships and with different partners. At what point is it necessary to step outside the box and see for yourself what else or who else is out there?

I’ve asked some people who have been with the same person/lover their whole life and it seems they wouldn’t want it any other way. Not only are they not interested in dating or sleeping with other people, they wouldn’t even think about being with someone else…ever! Then you have the people who are committed for years and years, even well into their marriage and suddenly have affairs or break ups because “they’ve never been with anyone else”. They need to experiment, experience someone new and get it out of their system.
According to researchers, people who only had sex with their spouse prior to getting hitched reported higher quality marriages versus those who had other past sexual partners as well.
They claim this finding is especially true for women and found that the more sexual partners a woman had had before marriage, the less happy she reported her marriage to be.”

“For example, people who tend to avoid commitment in general may have more sexual partners and be less happy when they settle down. It’s not the fact that they have more sexual partners that leads them to be less happy, it’s the fact that they don’t really like commitment. I would be very surprised if having multiple sexual partners before marriage, independent of any other factor, has a direct causal influence.”

As with anything there is always a positive and a negative side :
Positive side: Some never find true love or someone that they want to share their lives with, especially forever. So if this is you, consider yourselves one of the lucky ones for even finding this hidden treasure that many will never know.
Negative side: You may always wonder just what it is like to experience someone or something new. It may weigh in the back of your mind always and you may end up feeling trapped down the road.
In conclusion, there are different strokes for different folks, but it does seem possible to love and be with one partner your entire life. I say if you find it, good for you and keep it going!! If you haven’t yet, have fun finding that person and appreciate it once you do.


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