The light that Shines

The light that Shines



The best part of Man Cave for me is coming across and getting to know new and exciting people. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce and present the absolutely stunning Frances Santero. Sometimes if we look close enough we come across people who have that extra spark inside them that shines. Santero is definitely one of those people and I’m honored that she gave me the opportunity to write about her.

DSC_7783_jpeg Franc Franc_2

Our aspiring fitness model was born locally in Newark and grew up in West Orange. Frances is 36 years young (hot stuff coming through) and is one extremely hard working women. NPC nationally qualified figure competitor who only has been training for 2 years, placing in the Top 3 at the open figure division. Certified personal trainer and co-owner of Infinity Fitness Training located out of training facility out of Fairfield and looking to expand.

It’s not just about looks for Frances, yes everyone, she has brains as well working in sales and marketing for a Sharp Electronics dealer, and I’m sure she’s very successful in sales. Personally I would buy whatever she was selling (even if it was a bridge)!!!
Just when you thought that was the end of our story, there’s more. This beautiful women is also a free lance muralist where she continues to shine with her artistic talents making a difference one mural at a time.
I asked Santero a few personal questions because inquiring minds want to know….
Q: “Who was your role model growing up, Wonder Women”?
A: “My mom, she’s my Wonder Women”!

Q: “What is one of your inspiring quotes that drives you to be who you are everyday”?
A: ”Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s doing what it takes despite ones fear!
One of the most important things for me during these interviews is finding out if there’s any time in our crazy lives for charity work and I was very pleased to hear there is. Frances is a breast cancer and MS activist! Donating time out of her crazy schedule to help others. She also volunteers feeding the homeless out of one of her local churches. (Did I mention I’m homeless and need to be fed, maybe at my house)??

Coming across this champion has been an inspiration for me and hopefully for you as well by sharing her story. Dedicated to a complete lifestyle to make her and our world around us better and a healthier place to live. Cheers to you my friend and all the hard work you do!

walk through

That if you attempt to walk through any drive through without a car, the store attendant WILL NOT open the window! (Beat it kid)


Samurai  were Japanese warriors who were revered for their skills as warriors, but also for their distinct influence on Japanese fashion. Samurai first appeared in Japan as early as the eighth century c.e., but they truly rose to power in the eleventh century as elite warriors in service to their feudal lords, or daimyos. The word samurai literally means “to be on one’s guard”. The secrets where only passed down father to son and they only married women of their own culture. Samurai were dressed for speed and travel. Their basic uniform had wide hakama trousers(I have pair of those), open halfway down the leg and ending above the ankle. The samurai attached great importance to the circumstances of their own death. If a samurai died of his own accord, it was considered a valiant end. Rather than suffer defeat or humiliation at the hands of an enemy, samurai warriors often chose ritual suicide (seppuku). These are noble and most respected lifestyles that we never see anymore. Maybe there’s a bit of a warrior in each of us, we just have to search deep for it. Roll with some class and hold our heads high!!

drivetru drivetru_2

The First Drive Thru

The first drive thru concept was created in the 1930’s by a gentleman named Jordan Martin, of course, the greatest country in the world USA!! What a concept, the only effort you have to do is look for that loose change on the floor at 3:00 am at the Wendy’s window and hopefully your passengers are not being so obnoxious that the attendant doesn’t call the police. Of course you always have that one fucker behind you who’s honking his horn because not getting out your car couldn’t be any lazier, while you jam a few over salted fries in your mouth! I would say it’s probably one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. I guess the moral of this story is do not take a brilliant idea and ruin it for everyone. It’s a convenience for you as a customer so be nice to that black box that sounds like R2 D2 on crack and always be polite to the employees.
(Please Drive Through Responsibly)

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