Benefits of sleeping Naked

Benefits of sleeping Naked


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Sleeping naked can be a beautiful thing. Not only is it fun and sexy, but there are actually medical benefits to it. It may not feel natural at first, but it is a good habit to get into, for both yourself and your lover. Once you get used to it, you’ll never want to sleep with clothes on again.
First and foremost, you will always be ready to go! Forget taking the layers off, it will take a second, maybe two, to get it on! You can even skip the foreplay and get right to it. Takes less time and you will both feel more free and willing to express yourselves.

You feel happier and more free. You will tend to feel closer as a couple. Being naked actually helps to increase certain hormones that make you happy. This can in turn crank up your sex life, but make you happier with life in general.

Believe it or not, skin on skin contact helps to produce oxytocin along with other happy producing hormones. Just think about a baby and its mother, or a lover with a lover, it is all similar and all feels good to touch. There is a level of intimacy there that is exposed between two people.
it is scientifically proven that sleeping naked delivers a much better, deeper sleep. This will positively affect every aspect of your life. You will be happier and have more energy than usual, which in turn can lead to a better and more active sex life. Total bonus.
It is actually healthier for your skin. It can breathe and not as restricted. It actually gives your private parts a chance to air out. It may present healthier looking skin in no time.

Sleeping naked will actually keep your body temperature at optimal range, which in turn increases cortisol, the drug that makes you happy and actually loose weight. These two benefits could change your entire well being. Keeping your sleeping environment under 70 degrees, can balance melatonin and growth hormones. These hormones are essential to aging well and overall good health.

By keeping your sex organs cooler and happier, your sexual and reproduction organs actually work better.
Naked summer sleep is better sleep. Takes the clothes off, shed a few layers, and turn the a/c down. Save some money on electric bills, open the window and sleep in the fresh air.

You’ll feel sexier wearing nothing at all. Yes sexy pajamas and lingerie are fun too, but nothing is better or more attractive than being butt naked.

With all these benefits to yourself and to your sex life, there is no reason to put your clothes back on. Get rid of those pajamas and sleep in your birthday suit. Your partner will appreciate it and your body will thank you too.


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