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Motor mouth



Since the 2016 riding season is officially in full swing now I thought it would be a good idea to feature a few local riders in this column once again… Unfortunately, I can’t tell you this pictured rider’s name or even show you his complete face for that matter because he was supposed to contact me and get me that info but did not. I did my good deed for the day by rescuing him when he ran out of gas on Route 80. Heavy rain was approaching and I could just imagine being in that daunting position myself. I understand his reluctance to call me with his info because this was surely an embarrassing moto-moment but we’ve all been there at one time. For me it happened a few years back on Route 287 just as the sun set on a very narrow shoulder. Not fun, but thanks to a good friend who was following me I was not stuck there for very long.

The point here is that it can happen to anyone especially after a winter of not being in a “riding frame of mind”. So before you throw a leg over, be sure to check things like the air pressure in your tires, your bike’s oil and gas levels, etc… Also- I urge all of you to carry on the example I set in the earlier story to help improve the overall image of bikers. There are enough idiot riders out there disrespecting the streets who make us look bad. We should help each other out when in need. Hopefully one day when you or I am that rider, another biker will do the same thing for us.


The next time you are in Union City, NJ make sure you stop by Metropolitan Motorbikes. This moto shop did the editor of this very magazine a solid when he was in a crunch to get his Vespa back on the road. They are a full service dealer for motorcycle and scooter repairs, maintenance and upgrades. They also sell new and used bikes & scooters from 49cc’s and up and can even sell your own bike on consignment. They offer towing/transport service too with a specialized truck and lift so your bike is handled with extreme care. Metropolitan Motorbikes is open 6 days a week all year ‘round and on Sundays from April through June.
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In early May I taught my first MSF class of the season which was an Advanced Rider Course/Sportbike Techniques at The Riding Academy of NJ. Here is a shot of class #319F. Congrats to them especially since they did not need to be there. They already have their licenses and have been riding for some time now and yet still saw the value in taking lessons to raise their skill level while reducing their risk-taking level. Being a lifelong learner is a great characteristic and my hat is off to all of them. Big props also go out to my co-coaches Sal and Super Dave as well. It’s always fun to work with you guys!

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