Sex just isn’t oral sex anymore

Sex just isn’t oral sex anymore


Sex just isn’t oral sex anymore


While oral sex has become second nature for some, it’s a whole new world for others. Whether you are a pro at it, or you’ve just lost your oral sex virginity there is a lot to know about this sexual act and it’s form of eroticism.

When it comes to fellatio and cunnilingus, it really is a personal choice. Some may shy away from the oral sex thing, while others may embrace it. Some may even consider it an actual form or sex, while others do not. According to Wikipedia oral sex is not actually intercourse. Oral sex is defined as sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another person using the mouth or throat. Cunnilingus is oral sex performed on a female, while fellatio is oral sex performed on a male. Personally I feel the same where I consider actual intercourse sex and anything leading up to that is just a part of the game.

Oral sex sometimes comes with more than just a good time.

1.) STD’s. Remember, even oral sex can transmit STD’s, so remember to be careful and protect yourself. There are actual tongue condoms and dental dams sold over the counter in case you are unsure of where your partners parts have been.
2.) Knowledge. Knowing what you are doing is key. You can’t act on this one, either you know what you are doing or you don’t! If you need some oral sex 101 tips try looking in a book, searching on-line, or even ask a friend. Don’t cheat yourself or your partner on this one.

3.) Expectation. With most, returning the favor is expected. There should be a mutual understanding most of the time that you will or will not reciprocate. I wish it was guaranteed all of time, but it doesn’t always work out that way. There are many times that I’ve given and not received and vice versa. Just know the expectation is always there. No one wants to be left high and dry “pun intended” ::))

4.) Catching feelings. You may not have actually had sex or even thought to much about it, but there are usually feelings attached to these actions. You may be in it for the good time only, but for others being comfortable in the situation and being a part of a more intimate moment, where they have given themselves to you. So be careful for crazy, attachment people.

5.) Keep it fun, safe and playful ~

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