Joe Trivia

Joe Trivia


WHY IS trivia night so damn popular?

The answer: Joe Trivia of course!


1. Why is trivia so popular?
Knowledge, competition, and libations!!! I think trivia is popular because people genuinely want to learn something and because they want use the knowledge (useless or not) that they have. Trivia gives them that outlet to do so. It gives them a chance to show their peers what they know and to compete against other groups of people at a venue. And hey, it always sounds better to say, “I’m going to play trivia tonight”, instead of “I’m going to hang out at a bar for 2 hours!!”

2. So how did you get started hosting trivia nights?
My wife and I woke up on a Sunday before children and we were bored. I said let’s start a trivia company. So we went to Willowbrook Mall (Bergen County is closed because of the Blue Laws) and we each bought black shirts and got them embroidered with our name and phone number. Then stopped at Guitar Center and bought about $1000 worth of equipment that we couldn’t afford. Next, we printed up a flyer explaining what trivia was and went door to door to what felt like every bar in a 20 mile radius of Fair Lawn. About 28 days later we got no response and had to return the equipment that we didn’t have the money for. The very next day Jimmy Geez’s called to set up a meeting. We met with Jimmy and Barbie and they booked us for Sunday nights at 8pm. 13 plus years later you can still find me there behind the mic hosting.

3. Your trivia nights seem to be everywhere how can you be in so many places at one time?
We have a great group of dedicated hosts that run Joe Trivia events all over our area. They are just as passionate about trivia as the people that play our game.

4. What inspires your questions? Where do you get them from?
Inspiration comes from current events and historical events people are able to relate to. I read a lot!!! My brain never stops working and when I read or hear something that makes a great question I email myself from my phone so when I sit in front of the computer it won’t be forgotten. I do use submissions from players that email them in and some that our hosts suggest as well and I try to make them fun and interesting. I want people to learn something that they may have not known when they play.

5. After so many years of hosting trivia nights do you feel you’ve gotten smarter than when you started?
I would hope so. After 13 years of writing and asking questions I hope that I retain just a little of it. There is a lot of information out there!!

6. Is there one question that nobody seems to ever get right?
I am always surprised at what people know and what they don’t know. A trivia question is only hard if you don’t know the answer! But as a general rule I tend not ask questions that involve numbers. Like, how many reeds (ridges) are there on the edge of a quarter? ….119 if you don’t want to count them. It’s too easy mess up the answer by 1 or 2 and then people get annoyed. I want them to leave happy! FYI- the reeds are there to prevent what is called clipping from when coins were made of valuable metals (silver and gold) and people would shave some of the metal off. The ridges help stop that.

7. Is trivia night more popular with men or women?
I would say it is a pretty even split. And having a nice mix definitely increases your chances of winning.

8. How do you think you would do on Jeopardy?
Well my 2 sons think I would be awesome at it. We watch it together just about every night. Honestly though, it would have a lot to with the questions, certain nights I find super easy and some nights downright impossible. My wife signed me up for the online test and I forgot about it. Maybe I will try to again next season.

9. Are you constantly thinking of new trivia questions?
It literally never stops. I love it though and it’s how many brain works. There is a trivia question in everything.

10. Finally, what separates you from other trivia nights?
We show up and we are consistent. We run a professional fun game that people enjoy and have grown accustom to over the past 13 years in New Jersey. And we are in the BEST venues! We have great relationships with all the owners and General Managers. We work together so people always have a positive experience!!

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