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Let me begin this month’s column by stating that I am in no way advocating drinking and riding. That said, a unique partnership was recently struck when America’s first motorcycle company— Indian Motorcycle, announced it had joined forces with the Jack Daniel Distillery to create the Limited Edition Jack Daniel’s Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle. The collaboration commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery, which was registered in 1866.

This first-in-the-series display bike will be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Las Vegas, on October 6-8. All monies raised from the charity auction will be donated to support “Operation Ride Home,” a partnership between the Jack Daniel Distillery and the Armed Services YMCA that provides funding and travel assistance to help junior-enlisted military personnel spend time with their families during the holiday season.

“This one-of-a-kind motorcycle is the perfect pairing of these two classic American brands, and while they look great together, we’ve inscribed this unique collector’s edition masterpiece with our ‘Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix’ mantra to remind all our friends that drinking and riding are meant to be enjoyed separately,” said Dave Stang, Director of Events & Sponsorships for Jack Daniel’s. “We’d like to thank our friends at Indian Motorcycle for their help on this project and their support for Operation Ride Home.” For more information about Operation Ride Home, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit: http://

Speaking of Indian Motorcycle, I present to you a rider feature on the one and only Brian Buchhart. I actually grew up with Brian in Closter, NJ and he was always big into motorcycles both on-street and off-road. Here is Brian with his latest moto– a 2016 Indian Chieftain. Dubbed “The Thunderstroke 111” Brian says this 1811cc motorcycle provides loads of smooth power with a throaty sound that he loves. One of his favorite features is the power windshield. He leaves it in the down position for more air in his face and that cool chopped look , and puts it up for highway riding and cold weather. In his owns words, “One upgrade I did was to get the reduced reach seat as I have shorter legs and that helped me put my feet a full inch lower to the ground. An extra added bonus to that seat is that it is a heated seat with 2 heat settings. The bike comes with many features you’d expect to find on a car these days like ABS and a cranking stereo that adjusts volume to speed and supports streaming via Bluetooth. There’s also voice command to your phone via an optional headset. And you can hook up a USB device thru a port found in a small compartment on the fairing. It has saddlebag locks that can be operated either by key, by a button on the tank or by a key fob which also controls an alarm system. The guy at Wayne Indian (where I bought the bike) was correct when he told me the bike has a low center of gravity and feels very nimble for a fairly heavy bike of about 850lbs. Even with a full tank of gas, I find it turns very well at slow speeds. He also showed me how Indian paid attention to details like their designing an open cavity in the frame just below the fairing which channels cool air directly to the rear head of the Vtwin to aid in cooling. Overall I could not be happier with this machine and look forward to putting lots of miles on it now that the season is starting up.”

Good luck with the new bike Brian and to all you riders out there- the season is indeed finally upon us! Make the most of it!!!

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